Don’t let vacation plans disrupt your business

Is your only database administrator going on vacation this summer?  Does the thought of that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up?

Proactive managers are already planning for coverage for their DBA’s vacation days.  Larger organizations with multiple DBAs are fortunate in this regard – the DBAs can cover for each other.

With […]

Oracle 10gR2 is winding down – time to move on

Oracle 10g is a good database product, and it’s stood many of my clients in good stead for several years now.  Even though Oracle 11g has been out on the market for a while now, I’m not seeing it widely adopted yet, which I find interesting.

I see three common factors feeding into that decision: First, […]

Common Oracle mistakes small businesses make – mistake #9

Mistake #9: Not keeping an eye on database space allocation

What happens when you run out of space?

If you run out of space between you car and the car in front of you, the two cars will crash into each other.  If you come home with a bag of groceries and find that you have run […]