2017 Christmas Database Parody song

An Ode to Oracle 18c Autonomous Database
Sing to the tune of “Away in a Manger”

Autonomous database, about you I’ve read,
That you can perform complex chores in my stead.
I’m wondering how much work you can defray:
If I’m late for home, can you start a souffle?

Make me some coffee with two extra creams,
Log onto eHarmony; find the man of my dreams!
Get me a mansion for the price of a shack,
And ply me with chocolates and small fancy snacks.

Convince the SAN admin I need that disk space,
While I get my nails done at some swanky place.
Tell my boss his thoughts are all pie in the sky,
And keep him distracted ’til 5 o’clock is nigh.

Rescue me when I run clean out of hair spray,
And twenty pounds less I would like to please weigh.
Write all of my gift lists and do price compare,
And gift wrap the boxes, before Santa’s mid-air.

(Mary Elizabeth McNeely, 2017)

Happy holidays from McNeely Tech!

Xmas 2017 robot canva

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